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Solar.web Online Solar Monitoring

Keep an eye on the system at all times

With the free Fronius Solar.web online tool, you can keep an eye on your energy yield and consumption at all times and get the most out of your photovoltaic system. 

Advantages of system monitoring

  Play it safe: monitor energy yield

  Save more: optimise energy consumption

  State of the art: always keep your PV system up-to-date

Why choose Fronius Solar.web?

couple monitoring on a tablet

Once your own photovoltaic system is on the roof, it is important to ensure that it functions smoothly and performs optimally. With the Solar.web monitoring platform this is very easy.

You are always up to date with your energy yield and consumption. You can save more money, because:

  • You can make optimum use of your solar energy and need less expensive electricity from the grid.
  • You can expand your system according to your individual requirements and make yourself as independent as possible from rising electricity prices.

With Solar.web you can find out...

  • ...if you have any hidden power guzzlers at home.
  • ...if a battery storage system will pay offfor you.
  • ...whether water heating using PV would be worthwhile for you.
  • you can save money by making small changes (e.g. switching on the washing machine two hours earlier). 


Free warranty extension

Another advantage of Solar.web is that you can also extend your warranty free of charge on the portal.

This is very easy to do:

  1. Register your product in Solar.web
  2. Choose between two warranty options
  3. Extend warranty free of charge
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Save money through solar monitoring

In Solar.web, Laura can see at a glance how much electricity she generates and how much she consumes. This is also how she found out that she needs a lot of electricity when the sun is not shining. With a battery, this is no longer a problem, because it allows Laura to use more of her own electricity and thus save additional money.

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How PV system monitoring works with Fronius Solar.web

You can register easily and free of charge at with your inverter serial number.

Your Fronius inverter monitors the entire photovoltaic system and transmits the status live on Solar.web

You can access the information via your PC/laptop or on your mobile phone or tablet.

Around 650,000 customers and installers rely on the monitoring platform, and with good reason.

How can I use Solar.web?

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The requirements for using Solar.web are as follows:

  • Fronius inverter with integrated data communication (usually included as standard, otherwise easily retrofitted)
  • Fronius Smart Meter for displaying power consumption
  • Registration at

There is a free Fronius Solar.web account available, and for those who want to know every detail, there is also a paid premium version.

Also available as an app

With the new Solar.web app you can keep an eye on your photovoltaic system at all times, wherever you are.

  • Clear display of the current values and daily curve
  • Evaluation and analysis of energy yields and CO2 savings
  • Easy access to energy data from the past
  • Intuitive operation
Get started with Solar.web

Simply download now and get started

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