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Solar energy for your home

 Taking your energy supply into your own hands? Saving money while protecting the climate? Yes, it is possible! A solar system provides renewable energy for your home.

At a basic level, you need electricity for the following three areas:

  • Electricity: For powering appliances, light, and electronics
  • Heating & cooling: HVAC system
  • Mobility: Charging your electric cars

You can easily generate this energy yourself. How?
The solution is 93 million miles away and yet so close! Use the power of the sun in your own home

5 Reasons why string inverters

1. String inverters are safer

2. String inverters are more reliable

3. String inverters are more cost-effective

4. String inverters deliver a superior return on investment

5. String inverters are future-proof and flexible over time

More about string inverters

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What is an inverter?

You’ll constantly come across two terms when planning your own photovoltaic system: solar modules & inverters. The role of the solar module is clear to most people, but many still ask: what is an inverter? Let’s take a look at the most important facts about the heart of your PV system, find out why it is essential to choose the right inverter, and reveal a few pointers about what to be aware of before making up your mind.

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